I will be offering a monthly workshop to assist in your yoga practice, learning the mechanics and muscle engagements needed to protect the body and build strength in a complete and balanced way.

Workshops will be the last Sunday of the month from 2-4pm at Tinderbox Fitness.

Monthly workshop description

Forward folds come from the mobility of the pelvis.

January 30th

Sun Salutation A Break-down

The Sun A, as it is often referred to, is a series of 10 poses moving synchronistically with the breath and includes what instructors refer to as the Vinyasa or the Flow through and there are various ways one can practice Sun A’s.
In this workshop we will break-down the sequence of poses for our individual bodies taking into consideration the body’s bone structure, current level of strength, injuries/limitations, etc to find what works for you and lowering the risk of injury.

Full core engagement and muscle activation in plank

February 27th

A.M.P = Anatomy. Mechanics. Purpose.

Structurally we are all different but mechanically, our structures work the same. We will look at the mechanics of our body in different poses, muscle activations and engagement to support and protect the body. This workshop will focus on the hips & pelvis.

Charka locations and symbols

March 27th

Intro to the Chakras

Chakras is another name for energy centers, which we have 100’s of in our bodies. In this workshop we will focus on the main 7 Chakras – location, color, emotions, and movements connected to each one.

Complex movements – moving in more than one plane

April 24th

Functional Movement & Mobility

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Backbend-ed Crescent/High Lunge

May 29th

Standing Poses

From Warrior poses to high lunge to standing balance poses the rooting down is key but what else??

Dancing in the streets

June 26th

Moving Balance & Drishti (gaze)

Balancing is one thing, moving balance is another and all about your drishti – where your gaze is in each pose, when to move it and why.

Cobra and Upward Facing Dog are NOT the same thing

July 31st

Sun Salutation B

We will learn the difference between a Sun A and Sun B, then breakdown the Sun B into its various poses and sequencing.

Wild Thing is NOT the same as Flipped Down Dog

August 28th

Flips, Twisted, Reversed

Understanding the various ways to twist, reverse and flip poses and how they work, if they work, for your body. This workshop will go through the steps involved to safely move into and out of these poses.

Body mechanics is important for knee to nose/knee to elbow

September 25th

Arm Balance Prep

No, this workshop is not about becoming a master in arm balances. This is about taking what we have learned in the previous workshops adding the proper techniques so we can move towards arm balances in a safe and manageable way.

October 30th


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