The Tribe Team

Deanna Dzybon

Creator & Lead Teacher

Movement + nature have been an important aspect of Deanna’s life since her childhood days of team sports, baton twirling, gymnastics, and playing in the woods. As an adult the idea of movement transformed from team sports to fitness training, sprint triathlons, rock climbing, Standup paddle boarding, and her introduction to yoga. In her 30’s, yoga at that time was ‘just another workout’ that quickly grew into a journey of self-love + personal growth as well as awareness with compassion.

Realizing now that her connection to nature and movement was always her mindfulness practice. After years of having a career in social work, Deanna, left her job to work in the outdoor industry and travel. This conscious decision brought her to Thailand where she enrolled in a month-long yoga and meditation certification course. After receiving her 200hour Yoga Teacher certification, Deanna moved back to Winston-Salem to start her own business. She focuses on making yoga more accessible and appealing, planting seeds of self-love, cultivating wellness and strengthening community.

Deanna enjoys working with beginner yogis as well as athletes.  She focuses on building transferable strength, fluid movement and mindful balance; working out the imbalances in one’s body in order to create a more functional and less injury prone container to live in. Deanna is a 200 E-RYT. 

Christine Ferraro-Bloomfeld

Yoga(mmunity) 4 Kids Instructor

Christine has been teaching yoga to pre-school and elementary aged children for 8 years.  She is certified through ChildLight Yoga and has learned techniques, teaching tips and lesson planning for teaching yoga to children from ages 2 through 12.  Christine is looking forward to sharing her love of yoga with as many children as possible!

Children’s Yoga with Christine…

This is not your mama’s yoga. In children’s yoga class we will focus on breathing, movement, meditation, games and story-telling. We will use props such as chimes, beanie babies, magic mist and yoga pose cards to engage the children while they learn the poses in fun and interesting ways.

Yoga for children encourages their natural abilities and interests while helping them to develop strength, flexibility and a sense of well-being. Kids use their imaginations, play, get excited and calm down during each class. Practicing yoga and relaxation can help children improve concentration, patience, focus and self-esteem.

Carly Huff Sink

Yoga(mmunity) Sub

After spinal surgery in 2011, Carly picked up yoga to help with back pain and overall well-being…one step on the mat, and she never looked back. It has been a completely transformative journey for her mind, body, and soul. 

When not on the mat, Carly love’s to explore the world of aromatherapy and spend time learning more about natural health and the energy body as learned through the Andean Tradition. She loves to spend time outside, in nature and loves to bring others along to connect.

Carly attended undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill and majored in Exercise Science and Psychology. She obtained a Clinical Aromatherapy certification through EWSHAS and a 200hr yoga teacher certification in MindBody Centering Yoga through Global Breath studio in Durham, NC.

Rami Madan

Yoga(mmunity) Sub

Shanon Greig

Yoga(mmunity) Sub

Shanon Greig is a certified 200 hour Yoga instructor (and new Occupational Therapy Assistant) who has been consistently practicing a vinyasa style Yoga since 2014.  Originally,  Shanon unearthed the light of Yoga after experiencing “gym burnout” and a spiritual craving for something more.  In the habit of going to the gym regularly and trying Cross-Fit, Shanon realized aggressive fitness routines were wreaking havoc on her joints and simultaneously not nurturing her spirit. She found that Yoga filled the void of a missing mind/body connection,  and has stayed highly committed to this path ever since. Through regular practice,  Shanon discovered Yoga could strengthen her body and help diminish anxiety and depression.  On the mat,  Shanon encourages not taking one’s self too seriously,  forgiveness, and acknowledgment of imperfection. Shanon likes to incorporate Yogic principles with her Occupational Therapy clients to encourage connecting with the true self.  She also utilizes breathing techniques with clients for pain management and anxiety reduction.  Shanon has practiced various styles ofYoga under many different teachers in different cities over the years.  She attributes her teaching style to remaining a student of Yoga first and foremost. 

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